Sun Protection what you need
to know

 A great addition to your sun protection for golf and any outdoor activity.
Lightweight and cool!

Keep Cool, Quick Dry, Reduces moisture and odors

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Our SParms is worn by many international elite level sports people in various fields from all over the globe. The light weight arms help the players stay cool and refreshed, as well as protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun. When athletes are competing in tournaments it is important that they are comfortable, cool and protected, as re-application of sun cream is often difficult to manage we created the SParms range.

Acting as a second layer of skin the protection and the unbelievable comfort from SParms are the reason why elite atheltes use our product and it is uncomparable to any other product in the market!

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sun protection

Our entire SParms range are UPF50+,
meaning that it provides the ultimate 
sun protection, providing 99.8% of 
UVA and UVB ray coverage. Our products
are certified and tested yearly by ARPANSA
responsible for rating and certifying UV
protection factor rating to ensure the quality is

light weight

Motion 3-D pattern combined
with 4-Way stretch fabric and
elastic lamination provides
a seamless transition between
skin and sleeve for maximum comfort,
faster movement, and peak performance.


Superior re-engineered yarns that
are lightweight, breathable, wicks away
moisture and dries quickly to prevent