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Sun Protection Sleeves for Legs

  • SParms Legs is the long-awaited unisex leg protection. 
    The same fabric used to make our sleeves have been used to make our SP Legs, providing ultimate UPF 50+ protection.

    The Legs currently range from XS to XL in multiple colours to suit your needs.

    Unlike the SParms Arms, there is an extra thick band to hold the SP legs up in their position. The band is much tighter in its hold than the band used for our SParms Arms. In this regard, for greater comfort, we would recommend that you go up a size or choose the measurement closer to the unstretched measurement.

    Designed and certified in Australia, Made in Korea. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kaoru Wood
Wish they were longer

I like that they are super comfortable. They do stay in place. I like the thinness of the fabric also. Unfortunately, they are quite short for tall people. I'm 5'7" and I'd say I'm thin/medium built. About 5 inches of my lower legs are not covered. During the round, I'm constantly pulling the bottom end down to cover more of my shins. I bought size M originally, but they were very short so I got size L. The lengths were not that much different. Now I have to put sun screen on the exposed area of my legs.

Tim Denitti
I hate sunscreen!

As the title says, I absolutely hate to slather sunscreen all over my skin when I'm going to be spending a ton of time outside. I do it but I DO NOT LIKE IT. It's greasy. Who knows what it's made of or how it will affect you long term.

Having said all of that, I couldn't be happier with the SParms that I bought. I bought the shoulder wrap arm sleeves and leg sleeves and absolutely love them!! They are comfortable. They stay in place. And best of all, while golfing, I only need to put that gross sunscreen on a much smaller portion of my body than I had to without the sleeves.

I've owned other brands of arm sleeves and they haven't lived up to the SParms. Not even close. I have a few rounds in with the new sleeves. I love them and will more than likely be getting another set in another color. Thank you SParms!!!

leg protection

Thought it would be uncomfortable but it was really light and I sometimes forget i have it on. I wish the gartert top were wider and more secure so it doesn't roll or fold in though.

Judee Malis
Need smaller sizes for women

I am a regular purchaser of your solar arm sleeves and was excited to order the new leg sleeves. However, when I checked the sizing, my 18" thighs don't even make the chart. I am so disappointed.
Please add smaller sizes for women!

Great customer service

Haven’t had the chance to try them yet but very happy to have them and looking forward to wearing them