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At SParms, we’re dedicated to providing sun-safe solutions for outdoor sports. We’ve developed athleisure wear that provides your skin with optimal protection from harmful UV rays. Our sun protection arm sleeves allow you to stay active outdoors for longer without the danger of sunburn.

Versatile sun protection sleeves

While sunscreen can provide considerable sun protection for your skin, it needs to be reapplied every two hours. Our range of UV arm sleeves allows you to stay active outside without a second thought as to whether you’ve been exposed to the sun for too long. Crafted from a versatile Italian fabric that is lightweight and stretchy, these sleeves are perfect under polo shirts and short sleeve jerseys. You can choose from a range of bright colors or try our camouflage pattern to add an edge to your activewear look. 

We’ve designed our sun protection sleeves using UPF technology that measures the effectiveness of fabrics to protect against harmful UV rays. At UPF 50+, our sleeves will provide a 99.9% success rate in blocking UV rays from reaching your skin. These fabrics have been tested under the harshest sun conditions to ensure they meet our rigorous quality standards. 

Breathable fabrics to cool you down

Our sun protection sleeves incorporate quick-dry and moisture-wicking technology that draws and absorbs sweat away from the body. The patented Italian material is optimized for high-intensity activity and the inclusion of a cooling agent allows athletes to remain cool when standing under the sun. For easy washing, all of our SParms collections are machine washable with a cold cycle, however, make sure not to tumble dry these products as they will shrink.

Sun protection clothing for every occasion

A game of golf all day in the sun or a tournament of tennis can leave your skin exposed to the sun. Our SP body collection of long sleeve shirts for men and women are a lightweight solution to provide you with broad upper body protection. Professional golfers love our SP gloves because they cover the back part of your hand that always seems to get burnt. Stay cool in the sun with our shoulder wraps that are designed to protect your shoulders that would normally be exposed in a sports crop or activewear singlet.

Discover our range of sun protection sleeves today

For unbeatable sun safety solutions, explore our range of sun protection sleeves and keep your forearms in the clear. Visit us at a store near you to chat with our friendly staff and learn more about our state-of-the-art UPF 50+ fabrics and our expert sun protection solutions.
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