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The Sun Protection Shoulder Wrap Sleeves are ideal for people who wish to be protected all the time. The connected area to the back allows the product to not slip away allowing the user intense movements.

Our fabric is made from a patented Italian fabric, providing the optimal comfort to anyone who wears them.

Incredibly lightweight, versatile ideal for all outdoor activities.


  • Certified with a UPF50+ by ARPANSA, (SPF 50+) providing a minimum 98.5% protection from UVA and UVB rays
  • Recommended by medical experts to help prevent skin cancer and melanoma
  • Lightweight, moisture wicking, breathable and quick dry
  • Cooling effect
  • Soft and Gentle on the skin

  • Designed and Certified UPF50+ in Australia (UPF 50+ means minimum 98.5% protection)
  • 90% Meryl Microfiber, 10% Spandex

    The SParms logo is only on the left cuff and ALWAYS comes on all our products

    The color of the logo has changed from blue to grey. The SParms logo is only on the right cuff.

    We recommend that you use a postal service with tracking as we are not liable for missing or damaged goods.

    All goods remain the customers property until received at the SParms office.
Care Instructions
  • Cold machine wash with like colors
  • Do not use bleach as it may discolor the fabric
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not heat wash
  • Simple washing detergent is sufficient. If there are spot stains, stain removing agents may be used, but do not soak for extended periods of time.

- Upper arm circumference 4.73~7.87 inch (range)
- Arm length 7.87 ~11 inch (range)

*SParms Everyday Adult and Kids range are excluded from returns.

As a size conforming product, they permanently stretch to a users arm when first worn. As a result they can not be returned to an original state and can not be returned.

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It's a lifestyle

Embrace sun safety as more than a routine—make it a lifestyle. Our sun protection products go beyond shielding you from harmful rays; they become your daily partners in preserving your skin's health and radiance, making sun safety an integral part of your every day.

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Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

Does SParms offer custom logoing?

Yes, custom logoing is available for wholesale accounts!

For more information please email or call +1 (562) 921-5300.

Why is SParms called SParms?

Many people have wondered this question and the answer is quite simple. SParms stands for SP(Sun Protection) Arms as we first started to protect our arms for sports events. Now we try protect all the skin during any form of athletic activities.

Where are you located?

SParms is an Australian company based in Gold Coast.
SParms America is located in California, USA.

Is it safe to shop with you?

Absolutely. We value your privacy and your details are never released to any third parties. Find out more about how we keep your details safe in our Privacy Statement[hyperlink to our privacy statement].

On top of keeping your privacy safe, we always strive to ensure that your credit card transactions only occur in a secure environment. Our payment systems are protected by an SSL certificate and 256-bit encryption which is the same level of encryption used by large banks to keep your information secure.

You can always check the top left of your address bar and look for the lock icon that shows you whether your connection is secure or not.

What is SParms return policy?

If you would like to return any pieces ordered directly off of our website, please email Once our team receives the email, we will set up the return of your product.

For any website returns, please view our Return Policy for additional instructions and information.

Can I use SParms in the water?

SParms is not designed for the sea or pool. It’s fine to get wet but we don’t recommend wearing in the pool as the chemicals can quickly deteriorate the fabric. Unlike swim wear SParms have been made with a super light weight fabric to ensure maximum comfort.

How do I wash my SParms?

A Cold machine wash with like colors. Do not use bleach as it may discolor the fabric. Do not dry clean. Do not heat wash. Simple washing detergent is sufficient. If there are spot stains, stain removing agents may be used, but do not soak for extended periods of time.


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